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Five steps auto transformers

Five-step autotransformers are used for regulation of rotation speed of fan electric motors and air flow control. Speed regulation of electric motors is by means of commutation output terminals of transformer manually or automatically.

Technical data

5 steps autotransformers 1x230V

5 steps autotransformers 3x400V

Autotransformer 345VA/230V

Autotransformer 400VA/400V

Autotransformer 460VA/230V

Autotransformer 800VA/400V

Autotransformer 690VA/230V

Autotransformer 1200VA/400V

Autotransformer 920VA/230V

Autotransformer 1600VA/400V

Autotransformer 1150VA/230V

Autotransformer 2000VA/400V

Autotransformer 1610VA/230V

Autotransformer 2800VA/400V

Autotransformer 2530VA/230V

Autotransformer 4400VA/400V

Autotransformer 3220VA/230V

Autotransformer 5600VA/400V