Control systems & components for industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Actuators and valves

Air damper actuators

Actuator for adjusting air dampers of 90° angle of rotation to be used in HVAC installations.

Actuators for valves VXP45

For operation of valves VXP45... for water-side control of hot water and cooling water in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

3 port valves VXP45

3 port valves are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems for water side terminal unit control in closed circuits, e.g. induction units, fan coil units, small re-heaters and small re-coolers, for use in: 2 pipe systems with one heat exchanger for heating and cooling, 4 pipe systems with two separate heat exchangers for heating and cooling. In closed-circuit zone heating systems, e.g.: individual storeys in a building, apartments, individual rooms.