Control systems & components for industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning

VENTIK for AHU control

VENTIK - comfortable and economical solution for Air Handling Unit control. VENTIK - speed controller for EC and AC motors with temperature controller in one casing, controlled by remote controller.
VENTIK is a control system of AHU's without heat recuperation. VENTIK is intended to control air damper, EC motor, single phase AC fan motor (3 speeds) electrical or water heater and cooling (optional). VENTIK by default is equipped with monochrome touch screen remote panel TPC or with remote panel RCW. VENTIK as well can be controlled via ModBus RTU protocol.
UAB VENTMATIKA produce three versions of VENTIK:
1. VENTIK-6. System to control AHU with electrical heater up to 6kW
2. VENTIK-15. System to control AHU with electrical heater up to 15kW
3. VENTIK-W. System to control AHU with water heater.
Control system VENTIK is IP65 class box with transformer for fan motor regulation, controller VENTIK, remote controller (TPC or RCW), cable to connect remote panel (13m) and NTC10K temperature sensor for supply air temperature. This system is easy to install and is ready for use without additional regulation.  

Technical data

 Dimmensions (L x W x H)   248x198x106335x245x133
 Weight (kg)
 Controller power supply, VAC
 1~230V/2~400 3~400 1~230
 Fan power supply
230VAC, 50 Hz
 Fan power, A
 Fan voltage for speed 1, VAC  120
 Fan voltage for speed 2, VAC  180
 Fan voltage for speed 3, VAC  230
 Heater  Electrical Water
 Heater power, kW
 3,2 kW...6kW
 Heater power supply
 230VAC arba 400VAC
 Heater control signal PWM
 Air damper control
230VAC, (N, L, Lval)
 Cooler control (optional)