Control systems & components for industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Capillary thermostat C04C

Capillary thermostats for water temperature control in boilers, air conditioning, cooling units and systems, domestic appliances, electric ovens.

Anti frost thermostat TS1C0P

TS1C0P adjustable thermostat for application in refrigeration and heat pump systems. In these systems, thermostat serve control and monitoring functions, such as space temperature control, high/low temperature alarming or defrost termination.

Electronic room thermostat TPE

Electronic room thermostat is used to control heating or cooling. Temperature setpoint can be by internal or external sensor. Set point range and hysteresis can be selected. External sensor is not included. Instalation surface.

Room thermostat C16

Room thermostat C16 for ambient temperature control in heating systems, in civil and industrial cooling applications.

Weekly programmable thermostat C55

Electronic chronothermostat with microprocessor, with weekly programming, to control heating and air-conditioning installations.


Thermostat to control water temperature in heating pipe installations, for example to switch off the circulation pump when the water temperature has dropped or to switch-on the air heater when the water temperature reaches the set value.