Control systems & components for industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Pressure transmitter SK2000

Pressure transmitter SK2000 is used to measure the air pressure difference and changing it to output analogue signal 0..10VDC and 0..20mA (load R=250 Om). Pressure range can be selected for switch S1: 0-250Pa,0- 500Pa,0-1000Pa,or 0-2000Pa.

Room temperature transmitter KPT

Room temperature transmitter is used for measuring room temperature and changing it to output analogue signal 0...10 VDC. Temperature range can be selected 0...30 °C or 0...60 °C. Measurement can be selected with internal or external sensor. External sensor is not included.

Room humidity transmitter KPH

Room humidity transmitter is used to measure room humidity and change to analogue output signal.